Insurance Carrier Contracting - Step #5

Complete the following 3 tasks to have your contracting documents submitted to the carriers, and to gain full access to the Equis Agent Dashboard and Equis Lead System:

A. Contracting Packet / Carrier Contracting Profile
  1. Send proof of passing your states licensing exam to They need this info for their records and will then send you a welcome email.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please send a copy of your state insurance license to; once they receive the image of your license, they will email your contracting packet in the form of a Docusign Document, to be filled out and returned, ASAP.
  3. See the list, in the right sidebar, of documents needed to complete your Contracting Packet & Carrier Contracting Profile. Any additional requirements that are not submitted with the Contracting packet will have to be submitted individually to
  4. Any “YES” answer to a question on your contracting packet will require a written explanation or supporting documentation.
B. Surancebay Emails
  1. Surancebay is the online system we use to transmit your contracting info to each carrier.
  2. After your Contracting Packet is APPROVED, you will receive emails through Surancebay asking you to confirm each carrier contract. You must open and confirm each email separately, indicating that all the information about you is correct.
C. GPM Contracting
  1. The GPM contracting link will come from the Equis office 2-3 days after you receive the Surancebay emails.
  2. You must fill out and submit the contract for it to be processed.
  3. GPM can take up to 3 weeks to send you your writing number.
  4. GPM requires you to have a writing number before you can write your first app.


Documents for your Contracting Profile
Please, be sure to have all of these resources submitted with your contracting packet:
  • Copy of your Insurance License
  • Copy of your Drivers License
  • Voided check for Commission Deposits
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) certificate
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)
If you are a previously licensed agent:

Please make sure to log on to the National Insurance Producers Registry ( and update your contact information, most importantly your email address.

You need to make sure that SuranceBay emails are sent to an email address which you currently have regular access to.

Please also send a screen shot of this updated email to, notifying them that you've made this change.

Tip - Start Selling Now!

You can start writing business as soon as you complete your Surancebay emails. You do NOT need writing numbers from the carriers to submit business in most states. Review the pre-appointment states with your manager.